Sunday, 5 December 2010

The stingray (nov 19th)

The stingray !

The stingray by far lived up to my expectations and hopes. Plus more!
It's the one!

The downside being ... £2,816

Though we've raised a fabulous amount, (which I still don't have the final total in ) we are still quite a way off.

With this on mind, I wrote to wheelchair services telling them I'd found the perfect set of wheels, giving the many reasons why this one is suitable over the snappi. And askimg them why they couldnt take back the unused one they supplied us with and make a contribution towards the stingray. I also wrote to say that I'll do whatever it takes to get what Hope deserves, i'm used to fighting for her, and my next step will be to contact charities asking for financial assistance (which In turn would contact wheelchair services because this is the procedure when funds are requested for wheelchairs when they should be funded). I also said I was considering bringing the issue to the press' attention in order to raise the rest of the funds needed. Though I'd been in touch before, as had Hope's lead professional, I felt it was worth one last effort before I started kicking up a fuss!

Within a week I'd had a telephone call from the manager of wheelchair services to say this matter had been bought to his attention. He said he understood my situation, and supported my case, but that ultimately it wasn't his final decision. He said that he'd have a meeting with those who would make the decision, and also that they needed to find another child that they could issue Hope's snappi to within the next 6 months. He would let me know by the end of next week.

On Tuesday I received the good news :0) They are going to take back the snappi and give me a voucher towards the stingray. I don't know exactly how much just yet, but it will be In the region of £1000-£1500. With this though I will have to pay for Hope's wheels to have an annual service which is around £100 each time, plus I am responsible for any parts and repairs costs over it's lifetime (whereas with the snappi, wheelchair services would have serviced and maintained it free of charge). Though this is s bit of a bummer, I'm still happy to be getting some financial assistance from them. That amount, along with what we've raised .... we have enough :0) and depending on how much we get from wheelchair services, there may even be some money left over to buy other specialised pieces of equipment that would help Hope.

So my dear friends, thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart for making this possible!


It'll probably still be a few months before we actually get the stingray mind... Red tape and hoops to be jumped through first, but I'm not in a hurry now I know It's happening soonish


  1. brilliant news, i'm so happy for you all that Hope is able to have the chair she sooooo deserves :)

  2. checking in to see how you are