Monday, 30 January 2012

Day 1 keto

I'm reassured it'll get easier. Good job. I feel like I've spent the whole day examining nutritional values, weighing, cooking, feeding, then starting over.

This was not helped when I left 21g of de-crumbed fish fingers to cool down, to later discover the cat had stolen them . So I had to do them again.

Hope has been a little trooper. Obviously! And taken it all in her stride. No issues *touch wood*. Hasnt even cried when I've pricked her 3 times to check her glucose and ketones.

No ketones as yet. I must be patient. It'll take a few days for her metabolism to switch energy source. Though I'm sceptical as to whether the 2:1 ratio will be enough. We'll see. I'll be keen to move up to 3/4:1, but the dietician feels this is the safest way to do it as an outpatient.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Some lasts....

Today's been filled with mixed emotions as I've given Hope her last favourite foods. Her last roast dinner (as we know it), followed by chocolate brownie dessert with ice cream. Then this evening, a petit filous 'little dessert', and some finger of fudge. I'll miss her little concentrating on eating chocolate face. Hopefully it'll be worth it.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Happy 3rd birthday Honkey baby

Happy birthday to my amazing, brave, inspirational, beautiful little girl!

I must admit, it's a relief to get to 3. There were times I've wondered ...

Many people have said in the approaching weeks 'wow, doesn't time fly'/ can't believe she's 3' etc. However, it feels very different from here. The tiny baby born 3 years ago, seems like a lifetime ago! So much has happened!

This is how our day rolled: as happened at Xmas, Hope became quite overwhelmed by the early morning present unwrapping. Jordan and max were great, taking it in turns to help her open her gifts, then making a big fuss of the gifts for her. They are amazing kids!

Since Hope got pretty much everything she needed for Xmas, there wasn't much left to get for her birthday. We got her a cd and tape player (yes we still have tapes! Hope can control them using her 'switches' whereas she can't with CDs ). A cd AND tape player, that was pink or purple was impossible to find, so we bought a nice shiny black one and decorated it with elmo stickers. We also got her some new books (she LOVES stories), and a leapfrog 'my pal violet' interactive puppy that we've programmed with her name, her favourite food (icecream) , her favourite colour (yellow) and favourite animal (giraffe) and favourite songs 'twinkle little star', 'if you're happy and you know it', 'wheels on the bus' and several more. It's a pretty cool toy! Though Hope rated pretty highly among her gifts.... A piece of ribbon (that was used to wrap). She properly played with it for ages.

Hope will be looking fabulous this spring/summer since we asked family and friends to buy clothes as she really didn't need anymore toys. I'm
Looking forward to her wearing all her new outfits. I find choosing Hope's clothes each day much more exciting than choosing my own.

Hope wouldn't appreciate a big party, so we pretty much spent the day indulging her in her favourite things; stories, songs, rolling on the floor, cuddles, listening to music, and a nice long-very -splashy-get the bathroom floor absolutely soaked- bath with mummy.

Of course we sang happy birthday and helped Hope blow out her candles on her cake. I was wishing very hard!!!

I feel blessed to have had Hope for 3 years, but I want so many more! It's not an easy, carefree life, but it's our life, and she is the centre of our universe. She's one tough cookie, who never ceases to amaze me how she bounces back, how she beams that amazing smile, how she is always learning and developing (in spite of the diagnosis). A lot of people could learn a lot from her! I know people do. I know she's taught me more than I'll ever be able to teach her. She's my little honkey hero.

She's doing a fine job of living up to her name! I just need to remind myself that sometimes.

Love u so much my honkey baby <3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx