Thursday, 8 December 2011


At her last opthamology appointment, it was felt that her visual awareness (Hope has cortical visual impairment) had improved greatly, so where she's always been long sighted, and previously they felt glasses wouldn't make much difference, now they wanted to give her the best opportunity to see.

According to the man in specsavers, it was 'quite a prescription' and they had to order the lenses in. We chose some little miss sunshine (perfect) frames, and picked them up a few days later.

As predicted by the optician, results with such strong prescriptions can be amazing. We envisioned Having to build up the time she spent wearing them, but once they were on, she just began looking around. We only take them off her to go to bed and have a bath, and then we feel like we are depriving her of her vision. Ok, so I know her vision is still far from perfect, but they've definitely made a difference. And they suit her so much. I think some people Really suit glasses, and Hope is definitely one of those people. She already looks odd without them.

(name of post attributed to Rachel Bass who commented 'spec-taculor' on a pic of Hope with her new glasses :0). )