Monday, 2 November 2009


Halloween 07, I trudged the streets with Jordan and Max. I was pregnant with Sam. That night we discussed how next year we'd dress Sam up as a pumpkin. Of course we didn't get to, and as we walked the familiar streets on Halloween 08, we missed having our lil pumpkin. But we had hope, that the following year, we would get to dress Hope as one.
Even the kids had happy tears when we dressed Hope up this year.
Of course Sammy was not forgotten; we bought him lots of goodies (as we did last year). Here's Hope looking after Sam's vampire teddy and balloon at Sam's garden.

And here's Sam's spooked up garden. Some might think it a little bad taste (ok perhaps the skeleton is, but the kids chose that, and i wasn't about to go into it with them). Perhaps it's also a little wierd to take photos of my kids at the cemetary...I wish there was some other way I could get a photo of all my kids together :O(

Isn't she just lush? I made the mittens to keep her handies warm. I made them quite big, and HOPE she'll get to wear them next year too! Mind you, think she'll be a witch next year. We saw some really cute outfits, and Jordan likes the idea of them dressing the same.



  1. She's already bewitched me!!!

  2. Very sweet, and Sammys garden is so touching. Love the "Handies" remark as well, another term that made me giggle, so cute! Your kids look precious!!!!