Thursday, 25 February 2010

<3 Cardiology <3

Today we met with the paediatric cardiologist from Bristol. He explained how many mitochondrial disorders affect the heart. I already knew this so was nervous to say the least, but hoping, praying and crossing everything that there'd be Nowt wrong with her little ticker. I mean, surely she has enough on her plate already.

I knew that dr Ch had requested some tests on the heart, but I thought, and probably for the best that today was purely consultation. Anyway, it wasn't; she had an 'echo' done on her heart.
It seemed to take a lifetime...he explained things he could see to a student doctor-but it all sounded foreign to me ( I haven't yet educated myself on the heart). Anyway.... He said 'it all seems...NORMAL'!!!!!!!?

I usually hate that word. There's not much about Hope that is 'normal'. So to hear that her heart is normal, I'm ecstatic :0D

He did say that just because it's fine now, doesn't mean it always will be. Then more good news...... He wants to see her in 2 years!!! Well, there have been times when it all seemed so bleak that she mightn't ..... But, well I guess they aren't as negative right now.

I did however get some food for thought about the whole further investigation thing. He said how with certain mitochondrial disorders, different vitamins can be given to prevent/improve things, but until we know more.... So I'm being swayed :0/

On cloud 9 for a change :0)

Thanks to everyone for the good luck wishes and prayers today! Means a lot to me n honkey

And thank to S (hope's fsw) for coming along today. I know you'll read this, and that people from Rainbow Trust read it too- you'll never know how much it means to have the support we get from you. I expect everyone there is really nice, but we think we are really lucky to have S!!!



  1. Oh I am so HAPPY to read this post!!!!
    It's lovely that mummy has had some nice news and your heart is a healthy one xxx

  2. Caroline...
    I'm so happy to read this latest post. This is such good news ...
    Give Honk a hug from me.
    ... and big hug for you.
    Uncle Rick

  3. Great News! We are so happy to read this! XxOo

  4. I just found your blog and wanted to comment that your Hope is just adorable. She has a smile that melts your heart.:0)

  5. great news caroline am so pleased to read this, go team honk :) xxx

    Caroline what is rainbow trust, my health visitor briefly mentioned a rainbow trust or rainbow house but keep forgettin to ask her about it xxx

  6. That is really great news.
    You should take me to eavesdrop next time - I have heart echo's at least once a year and have picked up a fair amount of info!
    Lots of love and I am so pleased tat you are getting supported by lovely people.
    Hugs all round XXXX
    Rachel B