Tuesday, 14 September 2010


In May, myself and Hope's godmother Mary, joined a running club (Swindon Harriers), at this time, we were in the beginners groups, ands started out jogging for one minute, then walking for one, jogging for one and so on. We progressed fairly quickly in the next couple of weeks , then set our sights high. In hindsight, very high. It was when we could run about 2 miles without stopping, that we decided to join another running group (Shin splints), in preparation for the half marathon. We said that's what we'd aim for, but at the time it seemed a very very long way off. Well, 2 months or so have passed, and we are now running distances that we've never even walked. Im upto 10 miles and Mary 12 (I missed last week as Chris was working). Apparently, according to more seasoned runners that ourselves; if you can run 10 miles, you can run 13.1.

So, we've done it! And of course, it's always been in  our minds that we'd do it for a good cause. Well, charity begins at home. Right? Hope inspires me daily, and on those long runs, when one could so easily give in and walk, it's her smiley face that spurs me on. I do all that I can to make her life, the best it can be. She's happy, so I guess I'm doing something right. However, I feel like, there are things that would make her life even more comfortable, for instance, a chair to sit in- not much to ask right, but when you reach a certain size, baby bouncer chairs are no good, and when you don't have much control over your muscles, you can't just sit on the sofa. So you are held all the time, or you lay on the floor- which you enjoy, but , it would be  nice to have a suitable chair.
Then there's the wheels... She's getting to the size and age where she fills her pushchair. We have been supplied with a 'special' pushchair, but this is unused in our cupboard under the stairs as it does not meet her needs (this is another story, but I'll fill you in another time). Unfortunately, with disabled equipment, there isn't a huge market to choose from, and basically, anything that's been made for disabled people, is ridiculously priced. You could quite literally, take the price of a normal item, than add a couple of zeros to convert it.

Then there's the thepary. The brainwave therapy seems to be paying off well. We paid just under £700 for the initial assessment and therapy, and are due back for reassesment next month. Thanks to family and friends doing some carbooting, we have the next visit funded. Ideally though, we'll go 4 times a year.
And I suppose, there are other therapies that I'd like to try if money were not an issue.

So here begins my fundraising. The half marathon, is on the 10th October. Please sponsor myself or Mary through paypal address runningforhope.yahoo.co.uk
Any amount will be very gratefully recieved

Thank you



  1. well done Caroline and Mary!! :o) will definitely be making a donation to help your gorgeous girl x x

  2. ah- thank you very much :O) xxx

  3. wonderfully written hun.will be donating on payday hun.xx

  4. well done Caroline, it's an honour to help your beautiful inspirational wee girl, good luck hun xx lots of love xxx