Monday, 27 September 2010


This is the 'Tom stroller' we were offered. EW- NO THANKS!!!

This is the far more attractive and appealling 'snappi', that was the alternative. Not bad, except; it doesn't have a parent facing option, which when you consider the amount of time Hope spends on her way to and from appointments and therapies, but more importantly; the fact Hope is an epileptic and I NEED to be able to see her.

To cut a VERY long story about a meeting with wheelchair services and with support from Hope's lead professional, a  happy compromise was found (or so we thought at the time)...........

Here is Hope  on her way home from hydrotherapy in her ADAPTED
 snappi (now parent facing). HOWEVER, this picture is the one and only time Hope has used it!

This is why it's no good!!!
1- It doesn't have a basket-though on this count we are lucky to not have
a basket, as you only get a basket if you have an oxygen unit or suction equipment.

2- Now it is rearward facing, the raincover doesn't fit! and there are none that do. Which in the UK is never gonna work!
3- No hood to protect her from the wind and sun (if there ever is any :O)  )
4- BOLT CITY!!! This pushchair was manufactured to be forward facing, therefore, the back of it, which is now the first thing you see (but normally hidden), is metal and big bolts - EW

I've been in touch with wheelchair services and tendercare about these issues, each seem to think it's the others problem- none offering any solutions, so when I get the opportunity, it will be returned to wheelchair services- it might well suit another child .

So here is my solution...I've searched high and low, though to be fair, there isn't a massive market, and they are all ASTRONOMICAL in price, but this, meets Hope's and my needs.....


The Moon buggy
Not only is it quite nice looking,(as far as these things go),it can be forward or parent facing, it has a hood, raincover and basket, it's lighter, suitable til age 6 ( though i suspect it'll last longer since she's on the smaller side).

Plus with alternative bases options available, it also fills Hope's needs for a comforable chair for her to relax in...
The moon rock (excuse the sideways pic)

THE DOWNSIDE.........................

Hence the half marathon, which is probably going to be the first of a few fundraisers. But, she deserves the best, and it'll be worth the hard work!

So any donations/sponsors, big or small, will be very gratefully recieved.
Donations can be made through  account :

Thank you very much



  1. It looks amazing, Caroline - and I agree, the first one is definitely not for Hope, and it's a shame that the second one didn't work out to suit your needs either. The one you WILL get for Hope looks ideal, and I wish you all the luck with your fundraising. Trying desperately to think if there's anything else I can do to help you. All the luck in the world, and loads of love to Honk, Charlotte xx

  2. she is getting sooo big...and i think kendall and hope resemble each other sort of :)

    good luck getting the stroller. kendall has a kidcart, and it has been great. its a bit heavy, but serves its purpose fine. they are all pricey, that's for sure.