Saturday, 4 June 2011

A demanding 2 year old in Cornwall :O)

Time for an update since I have a few hours on my hands on the homeward bound 
trip from Perranporth.

We've had a gorgeous week, and been blessed with beautiful weather. Perranporth 
is without doubt my favourite beach in the Uk. Shame it's a good four hours away 
(or 7 on the way here due to traffic). The sand is like powder, and beautiful 
blue sea, with great waves for the kids to go boating and body boarding in. And 
the ice cream and pasties are the best in the universe! But there's nothing 
quite like sitting outside the bar on the beach in the evening watching the sun 
go down whilst listening to a live band over a plate of nachos. It's one of  
those 'life is great' feelings. 

This Holiday has been wonderful, but it's also been a time of realisation. 
Realisation that when you have a disabled child- some places are just off 
limits!! We've alwAys wanted to go to St Ives- but a drive through and just 
looking to park told us it wasn't gonna happen. The same day we tried Hayle, and 
just the nature of the coastline being so steep with rocky un-wheelchair 
friendly meant that this, along with Perran sands beaches were also off limits. 
But I guess that's just all part and parcel of it. We'd come this way again. We 
had a day at Newquay which was lovely, and Perranporth is lovely enough to just 
go there. Or perhaps we'll do some research next time.

Hope doesn't seem
To like holidays as much as we all do. She liked feeling her feet in the sand, 
though not the sea. She did some good sitting on the beach too.  She certainly 
enjoyed her daily 'ice cream o clock'. And she definitely seemed to like 
sleeping in the bed with me and chris all week (there wasnt room for a cot in 
our room, and im not ready to not have her right next to me all night). 
But she's not that good at just relaxing. She seemed to miss the constant 
attention and stimulation. I even found myself doing her Brainwave exercises on 
the beach just to try to wear her out. 

A word that was 'emerging' before we came away, is now well and truly in Hope's 
repertoire. 'OUt'. As in 'OUt' of my wheels, 'OUt' of my chair. 'OUt' of my 
carseat. She's been very demanding!!! 
Fab though. It's such a big thing that she can tell us that she's had enough. A 
little tiring two hours into the journey home :0) 

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