Thursday, 7 October 2010

The shuttle . Part 2

Today we had a rep come to the house with the shuttle system. A try before you buy ... Which is a must when u r spending that kind of money.

I fell in love with it even more when I saw it. It's most definitely more pushchair looking than wheelchair, it's compact, light... Hope looked very well supported and comfortable and very grown up in it. The seat unit can be turned around easily so she could face outwards or more importantly, towards me. The rocker base was fabulous! I can imagine Hope sitting there relaxing and demanding to be rocked. An extra bonus, something I didn't realise before, is that the seat unit can be used alone and therefore would be useful when out visiting.
Perfect??? NO!!!!
The hood and raincovers don't fit on in the parent facing mode. The main reason we don't/ can't use the snappi!!!

Anyway, all is not completely lost. The rep said he didn't think it would be too difficult to adapt the hood and raincovers so they would fit. So he is going to speak to someone in the workshop to see if it can be done, and then if they Can get it past all the safety tests etc with it adapted. So now it's a waiting game. With the possible hood adaption, it would be perfect. Without... It's not.

In the meantime, I've arranged another rep to come out from another company with a different set of wheels. The rep today actually suggested this, and another mum passed me on a brochure.
The stingray ...


  1. Hope all works out for you and you find what your looking for in getting Hope around comfortable.

  2. IT's good that they are willing to try and adapt the hod and raincover to fit when it is facing the other way. If they do, you will have helped other families in the future who buy this one! Strange that nobody has queried it before really. Well done!
    Hope they come back to you with good news, but if not, I hope the Stingray works out.
    As long as little Hope is comfortable and supported, and it is easy and light for you to push around then fabulous. But the rocker part does sound like a bonus!
    Good luck and hope you raise even more money for this very necessary and very worthy expense.
    Rachel B xxxx