Thursday, 14 April 2011

No more doctors now please!

It was getting pretty insane last night waiting for her too pee; we were trying to get her to drink all day, but with little success. We resorted to jellies. We were obsessively checking her nappy. we tried; sitting up, laying down, going for fresh air in her pram, then it got desperate, Chris had her sat next to a running tap, I was trying to massage her tummy and put pressure of her bladder, one nurse suggested blowing on her down below- then me and a nurse and Chris were all blowing!! Hilarious and crazy!
It got so we weren't even checking, we just had her nappy off, with the catchy thing attached to Hope, and we were watching, pleading for her to pee. One older nurse came and suggested splashing her with water, then said she'd try a joke to make her laugh first. I can't even remember what she said to Hope, but not long after she started talking, the bag was filling with yellow! There were claps and cheers all round! We finally left about 6:30.

We were told to expect Hope to be drousy for the next 24 hours or so, and that she may have a headache, but to watch out for signs of infection which can be caused by the lumbar puncture. She seemed pretty well last night when we left, and though she was a bit uncomfortable in the evening, I wasn't overly concerned. However, this morning she was hot. Hope doesn't do hot, her temp yesterday at the JR was 35.3 which Is perfect for her. I got her into the docs who checked her all over, and has given her antibiotics for a chest infection. I'm relieved she doesn't think it's related to the lumbar puncture, but still pretty sad that Hope now has something else. She needs a break! And so do I! I would really now please like to have a couple of weeks off of doctors and hospitals!

Oh and thanks everyone for the messages and texts. Sorry I can't reply to texts at the moment. In my lent promise to give up Facebook, my phone has taken rather a hammering!! I used 600 in just over 2 weeks- oops! Lol. But I get my new text allowance next week, plus... Not long till Easter... I'll be back on Facebook!!!!! :0)



  1. Wow wee gate went on for a long time, I think she knew you were waiting for her to wee so thought she would make you wait longer and she would enjoy the lie down! Glad its all over and that it went well, can't imagine what they are going to do with the 14 vials, no wonder she would be sleepy! Hope the Antib's kick in quickly you both really need a break, its been a long winter, we really need the sunshine. Take care, lots of love Claire, Max and Eva xx

  2. In the same boat with texts, so leaving you all a message and lots of love on here too. Glad Hope finally had the big wee and that she's doing ok. Really hope the antibiotics have started to work their magic and you're all enjoying some calm and peaceful well and happy days. Love you all lots, take care & see you back on FB v soon. Love love love Charlotte xxxxx