Friday, 8 April 2011

On the mend??

Today we had to go back in for a review and to have Hope's blood gases checked. It was hoped that her lactate would have come down again, then we'd all sigh a breath of relief that she was on the mend. Unfortunately it was still 3.8. Therefore the SHO (senior house officer) doctor couldn't discharge her. She had to consult with the registrar, who in turn passed the decision making onto
The consultant. All this meaning what could have been a quick In and out visit, was getting longer, and was looking scarily like we werent going to escape. After examining Hope, she agreed we could come home. Though she's still very sleepy, we've had a couple of moments of awakeness and even some smiles. She's not eating or drinking hardly. When we went in this morning, she'd had her morning medicine yogurt (that's just what we give her her cocktail of medicines in), that was hard work to get down her, but is not optional! Then a couple of chocolate buttons whilst Dolly was doing her ballet exam.

We came home late afternoon; hoping she'd now be hungry, I made her an egg Mayo sarni, which she gagged on and spat out, so figured I'd temp her with a milkybar dessert. She wouldn't even eat that!! We even fought to get calpol into her, nevermind anything to drink which is a struggle at the best of times.
Within an hour of being home, even Chris said he thought she'd be better off in the hospital, and I was thinking that he may be right. Hope then slept and slept and slept. I made up a big batch of her favourite butternut squash and pear soup, in the hope that we can try to get some fluids plus something nutritious into her over the coming poorly days. I went out for a run (I've missed that this last week) and was so relieved to come home to a Daddy who was very pleased that he'd managed to get her to eat some.
I was seriously considering (and I haven't quite ruled out) taking her back in tomorrow for iv fluids, but hopefully this is a step in the right direction.

On a less positive note... Her Nappies have been dry all day and night ( it's now 11pm) except for one wet one at 11am, so fluids may still be needed. Her mito disorder means that dehydration is a big no no, and the lactate being high makes this even more crucial.

So just hoping really she keeps taking these teensy steps in the right direction, and that we manage to avoid the children's unit for the rest of the weekend.

The consultant did say to bring her back if she's consuming less than 25% of her normal diet. I think we are just on the border now thanks to the soup. For what reason I do not know, since they can't seem to lower it, she said she'd like to repeat the blood gases next week. But I explained that we are due at the John Radcliffe next week anyway for all sorts of tests, which will include bloods of all sorts... And a lumbar puncture :"( trying very hard to put that to the back of my mind for now

Thanks for all the get well messages. I've passed them all on to her honkness



  1. hun what a brave little princess you everything crossed that she doesnt have to go back in.xx been thinking of you loads (love anne xx)

  2. Poor Hope x I hope things look up for you all over the week end x