Thursday, 21 January 2010

21 hour awakeathon

That's not normal for a nearly 1 year old right? Hope woke yesterday Morning ready to start the day at 5am. One can't feel anything but joy to wake up next to a noisy smiley girl. Because I've been unwell, we had an 'in' day; cuddles and playing. At lunchtime Hope finally seemed tired, but fought till 1:30 ish. 'S' from Rainbow trust came round to watch Hope whilst I did some housework, and I joked that she'd probably not have her work cut out today because Hope had been up since 5, and had finally given in. I had emptied the dishwasher, cleaned the kitchen, then taken the laundry upstairs to put away. When I was coming back down the stairs I could hear S clicking (hope's favourite noise). Hope was fully charged and ready to play!! She was awake all evening, and very content, which was nice considering she's been under the weather since the tonsilitis. At 10.30 we went up to bed. Hope wasn't tired, but was happy to lay in her cot and have me activate various flashy/noisy toys. But not happy when they stop. I had her In bed to see if she wanted feeding or cuddles... All the while, it's getting later and later. And I am feeling less and less amused. Yet Hope is having a great time and seemed to be shouting louder and louder. Finally some time after 2am, she settled.
Sometimes, I think Hope takes this being 'special' too far! Lol



  1. Bless her, you must be shattered! Glad you've found toys she loves - and she sounds just like Danny with the wish for a never-ending playtime! Hope you get as much of a lie-in as possible today. Much love, Charlotte xx

  2. LOL, Hope, You go girl!!! She's worked out how to wrap Mummy around her little finger with just a smile. I think thats pretty clever hehe
    She truly is very special
    Love Vicki xxx