Wednesday, 27 January 2010

One tomorrow!

The above photo was taken at 11pm on the 27th January. The last photo of her
before she turns 1!

My baby girl turns one tomorrow. I can't believe it: many have commented, how quickly it's gone, I'm not so sure. It's been eventful! I guess it's a bit sad, that she's not technically a baby anymore. But of course, she very much is. She most definitely is not a toddler.

Daddy has the day off work tomorrow. I'm looking forward to opening her cards and presents with her. We are taking her to the craft village and getting her hand and footprints painted onto a plate, then when the kiddlies get home we are going for the traditional birthday celebration (for us anyway) to Frankie and Benny's.



  1. Oh Happy Birthday Honk!! You are 1 today!! Yeah!! Hope you have a great day and lots of fun with your mommy, daddy and brother and sister. You are a very lucky little girl Here's to another year sweetie! Jenn

  2. Happy Birthday beautiful girl!
    Technically you are still a baby - your age is still counted in months rather than years, so fear not Caroline she is still little!
    So pleased you all had a lovely day of celebrating a whole year with this wonderful child.
    Hope brings such joy, and teaches us all so much with her sunny smile and her bravery and stoicism. If only I could take things in my stride and stay so positive. Hope, you humble us all and we are in awe of you sweetheart.
    Loads of love and hugs to Honkie and all her family. Here's to the first year of many, and to quote Mummy - let's hope the next one is less "busy" medically-speaking!
    Love always, Rachel, David, James & angel Joshua XXXX