Saturday, 16 January 2010

How many doctors does it take to...?

How many doctors does it take to.....?

On Wednesday I took Hope to the doctor's surgery because she'd been unwell for a few days, and I needed to make sure she didn't have any kind of infection. Because of her mitochondrial issues, infections are more detrimental to her fragile health. I was Assured she just had a cold.
From 11am Thursday, she cried for 4 hours solid, refused all food and drink, and had no wet nappies. Dehydration for hope is a big no no. So I called the children's unit who said to bring her in.

We were taken onto the ward (the bAby room (there wouldn't be much sleeping going on in there I can tell you). At 4 Hope was seen by a doctor who checked her over, said she was fine. Then produced a jug of dyrolight (a rehydration solution), and said when it was gone, hope could leave. Erm...but she wasn't drinking!!! Doh!!!
At 8, we saw another doctor, to whom I explained that I felt the previous doctor had missed the point; Hope has a mitochondrial disorder, she needs her lactate levels checking, her bloods checking, we need to find out why she is crying and unwell.
She checked Hope over, couldn't find anything wrong, but got the requested tests done. But it was gonna take a few hours to get any results, and we couldn't leave :0(
In the meantime Hope needed her epilepsy meds... But she was refusing to drink ;9( knowing that these HAD to go down, I went to speak to a doctor. A mutual agreement was made to ng tube her. A massive defeat in my eyes, but preferable to the seizures if she didn't get her meds. This is when I met the next doctor. I immediatly warmed to him when he began asking questions about Hope's mitochondrial issues. Atlas, a doctor who understands!!! He gave us some really great news... Her lactate level was 4.7. The lowest it's ever been recorded. (it should b under 2, or more commonly under 0.5, but for hope, this is good). He checked her over, in preparation for the ng tube. Hmm... He thought she had a sore throat... Looked in her mouth, and saw pus at the back of her throat. Auntie Mary got to bring home an absolutely exhausted little girl, and one very relieved mum (me).
So, it takes 4 doctors to diagnose tonsilitis. And because it wasn't diagnosed early on, this led to dehydration.


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