Sunday, 4 October 2009


I wonder how Many other 8 month olds have been to the cinema 4 times! Today Hope went to see Fame! She was so excited that she woke at 4am and didn't go back to sleep till 9. Mind you, this was a good nights' sleep for us both 11:30-4:30: a whole 5 hours stretch which is pretty amazing compared to most nights when she wakes every hour. This morning Honko clearly felt well rested because she was sooooo alert and playful. She was really paying attention to her light up toys (it was still dark, though we saw it get lighter). She was also using her hands a lot; Grabbing onto things and touching me. Not sure how intentional these actions were, but definitely a step in the right direction.

The antibiotics have kicked in, and she no longer has a leaky eaky. She must have been feeling rotten, and now much better. It's so good to have her back to her happy self. Today she's been happier than she's been in weeks. She hasn't even cried all day!

Hope dressed appropriately for today's film: Leg warmers! (see photo). As always Hope was beautifully behaved. I think she really enjoys the cinema. It must be the dark, with the light of the big screen and all the noise. Oh and maybe the milkybar buttons she had today.
As usual she let out a few excited shouts, but no crying.

Today Hope tried a new food. Avacodo. Of course she ate it all up. I am yet to come across a food she dislikes *touch wood*. she also had some sweet potato (one of her favourites), followed by a milky bar dessert :0) mmmmm.

Today I have enjoyed my honkiplops soooo much. We just had a bath, she's just having a feed, and we're all gonna watch Xfactor. Sometimes it feels like I have it all ...



  1. Hello Honk,

    I am so glad that you had such a good day! I love your outfit!

    I also love Avacado. I hear it is baby "Super-food." My mom found some recipes online if your mom wants to try some -

    It is wonderful to read about your adventures and how well you are doing!

    Much love from Parker Hendrix (TurtleTot)!

  2. Oh now LOOK how cute she is in all her pink glory!!!!

  3. Wow, what a perfect little outfit, definitely looked the part! Glad to hear the ear infection's cleared up and Hope's giving you all (and herself) so much to smile about. Must have been horrid being poorly. Lovely to hear about your day out - and v impressed with the avocado too x

    (see, now I know how to leave comments, I'll be here all the time ;-) )

    Love, and lots of it, Charlotte xxx

  4. Awwww how adorable is she in her legwarmers, brilliant :) So pleased you had a good day and lovely to feel the happiness in your heart. Lots of love Nat xxx

  5. Caz (Cyaden's Mummy)6 October 2009 at 11:35

    Love the picture, she is so cute
    And it sound slike you've had a lovely , so pleased Hope is feeling better x
    Love Caz x

  6. She looks so adorable in her leggins and tutu! I miss all the girly stuff! Glad she is feeling better. Jenn

  7. Loving the outfit and the blog!
    "Baby look at me... you ain't seen the best of me yet!"
    my James used to eat avocado mixed with some of my milk as I found it helped his eczema (and skin in general). It is indeed a super-food so that's brilliant news.
    Pleased Hope enjoys the flicks, wish James did! Must be nice to get out and do something even if the weather is bad.
    So lovely to read about such a happy day. Love and hugs to you all XOXOXOXOXOXO
    Rachel & boys xxxx