Saturday, 17 October 2009

Honko's highchair. Take 2

I had bought a pretty pink, but also pretty standard highchair for Hope. It was no good. We tried it once, and because it was just an upright seat with no recline and only a 3 point harness, she basically just slithered down in it. I guess I Hoped it would be ok one day. In the time being, I've just had her on my lap for her feeding times.

Hope had physio on Thursday (which she slept through). I had a conversation with her occupational therapist about the situation and enquired what might be available.

This morning, I had a note from her therapist along with a catalogue with 'special' highchairs we could have.
I suppose they aren't too awful, but they are rather heavy duty looking. Like her 'special' chair.

So we were in tesco's today, and they had the lovely fisher price rainforest highchair half price. We bought it. It's the dogs' dangly bits as far as highchairs go; 5 position recline, 5 point harness, 7 heights etc. Plus it looks nice! Hope did much better in it than her pink highchair. Guess I'll sell that one.

I'm still in 2 minds about whether this is a wise purchase... Or whether I'm just delaying the inevitable. Ie; having 'special' equipment. Hope probably would be better in one of those highchairs. As you can see, she's still a bit of a wonky honky (her head is inclined to go to the left). Clearly she found it comfy enough.. After her marmite sandwich, pear and yogurt, she fell fast asleep :0)

Sorry for lack of updates, but it's kinda been a case of no news=good news. It's been fairly uneventful apart from still chasing rainbows.... That is trying to control these blooming seizures again :0(


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  1. oooooow Honk really, marmite sandwiches lol xxxx

    love Nat xxx