Tuesday, 20 October 2009


I can't quite believe it; at dinner time today, Hope let out a big shout and I caught sight of 2 lil teeth. I put my fingers in to check, and sure enough... 2 tiny, but perfect lil teeth broken right through!

Bless her, she seems to have done it fairly effortlessly; no crying, fever, dribbling etc. It might help that she's been rather knocked out the past 2 days because I had to increase her meds again.

She's been on top form again today. Very noisy. She even seems to be aware of her hands today; she seemed to be thinking about grabbing her mobile, and she yanked my hair earlier and has been putting her fists in her mouth (not surprisingly on the latter).

It's slightly bittersweet .... It means she's growing up... Well her body is....
It also may mean I need to stop breastfeeding. I fed max till he was over a year old. But that's cause he was able to learn quickly not to bite me.I'm not sure if hope will be capable of that. Touch wood it's not going too badly so far. Just once!

Jordan and Max are on half term now. We've had a lovely day of Lego, knitting pudsey bear, and making jelly and angel delight. I love having them home. I've managed to rearrange a couple of Hope's appointments. Though there are still a couple, I didn't want their holidays to be dominated by hospital appointments.

I spoke to the occupational therapist about Hope's highchair yesterday. She's gonna come out and have a look at her in it, and bring along a 'special' one too to see how she gets on. At the end of the day, I've got to do what's best for Hope.



  1. Congrats on breaking in two little teeth Hope! That's great! Jenn

  2. Great that Hope has teeth - especially as she seems to enjoy her food so soon she will be chomping away.
    Don't fear the specialised equipment - it very quickly becomes normal for you and you forget; plus it gets replaced and safety checks and if anythigng goes wrong it gets replaced or updated. I stil love my special buggy for my boy - so much easier on the back and meant when he used to nap his head was supported - as he got too big for the normal buggy and his height meant there was no "back" of the buggy behind his head when he was too tall! Also stopped him being able to halt the buggy with his feet when he got tall enough and smart enough ;0)
    Lots of love to you all. Enjoy the children at Half Term and I am pleased that things have been fairly uneventful for a bit. Long may it continue!
    Rachel B & menfolk xxxx