Thursday, 1 October 2009

Panic! Poorly Plonky

Did I mention that I took Hope to the out of hours surgery on Saturday? She had a high temperature despite calpol, and I suspected an ear infection because she seemed to be rubbing her ear. Anyway, the doctor checked her over and said he didn't think she had any infection, but probably a virus.

I've been concerned the past few days because hope has been VERY sleepy (which is not like her at all), and she hasn't been very alert or noisy or smiley. I was beggining to wonder if this was the onset of her progressive disease.

This evening I had her on her playmat, all of a sudden I noticed a pool of fluid on the mat, coming from her ear. Omg, I paniced. Brain fluid?
I rang the doctor immediately, who said to bring her straight in. She has a very bad ear infection (thankfully). He said it was so bad, he couldn't even see in her ear because of all the 'gunk'. I did question him that it wasn't something related to her other many issues, but he was certain it's a nasty infection. Hope is now on amoxicillin. He wants to see her again in a week.
Poor Plonkey. No wonder she hasn't been herself. Hopefully she will be again very soon.

Today we went back to Koalas. Though last time I went and thought it wasn't for us, I wanted to give it a chance. I'm glad we did. Even though H pretty much slept through it, I spoke to a couple of the mums today and they were really nice.

We also had a meeting today with the lady who runs the centre. Hope is now on the waiting list for portage (a special needs teacher will come and see her at home once a week to work on things). I have another meeting with this lady next week about claiming disability living allowance. I've been reluctant to claim, partially denial, and partially because I see my role as hope's mum isn't one that I need to get paid for. However, as was pointed out to me, I am doing more for hope than one would normally.

Love always


  1. Get well soon my lovely girl xxxx
    Caroline get claiming, believe me I know why you feel reluctant (I did too), but the money is not for you - it's for Hope.
    Glad you gave Koalas another go - proud of you! Rachel xxxxxxxx

  2. So sorry to hear little Honk has an ear infection! We've all been down with the swine flu in our house - yuck! Luckily we are getting over it and on the road to recovery. Take care and give her hugs from her birthday buddy in Texas! Jenn