Thursday, 25 March 2010

Even more good news - The Ruth Griffith's assessment

Just a quickie, and this is rather late news too, but still playing catch up...
Hope had her developmental assessment (2ish weeks ago). I wasn't looking forward to it, particularly because I knew I'd leave with a number. That is an age. An age of a baby who Hope's development is equivalent to. I know it needs doing; it gives us a mark in the sand, so we can see where she is now, so that in the future we can compare her progress. BUT, it does not recognise her beautiful lil personality, nor the fact that these achievements are huge for Hope, or the fact that she can warm hearts, or as her god mother Natalia said 'make even the grumpiest of people smile'. It's just a number.

I had in my head, that Hope would roughly come up at about 2-3 months. Though at the same time, recognising that in other areas she'd probably be more than that. She's just recently gained some head control, and can now tolerate brief 'tummy time' and is pushing herself up on her arms.

I'd have been fine if they'd said 2-3 months. perhaps a little gutted seeing it in black and White maybe. But I'd get over it. Like I said, and always do, everything she achieves I'm so proud of and if she never does anymore than she does now, so be it.

Well, bless her lil cotton socks, she scored 3-4 months on motor skills, and 7-8 months on social, speech and language :0) :0) :0)

So now I'm extra proud :0)



  1. That is just fantastic! Go Hope! Great job little girl!!!

  2. Hope you are a true inspiration. Fabulous news!

  3. anne h(maisie's mummy)26 March 2010 at 03:39

    fab news.xx

  4. Fantastic! That is all the love and attention from you and all her family that is being reflected by such excellent social skills, speech and language.
    Well done Hope - and all the Matthews people!
    Much love to you all
    Rachel, David, James xxxx