Friday, 26 March 2010

Happy Purple Day !! (International epilepsy awareness day)

Today we've been purpled! Dolly went to school with her uniform on but accesorised with a purple scarf, purple hair bands and purple sunglasses (even though it was raining). She looked such a lil diva. Hope was purpled too. And me. But so was Hope's rainbow fsw. And soooo many of our dear friends let us know they were also wearing purple today in honour of Hope and other epilepsy suffers. My heart has been smiling all day. We are blessd to have such lovely people in our lives. Thank you everyone.

Today, we've been honouring, Hope, and her friends, Noah, Max, Liam, Molly, Jude, Kendall, Reagan, plus those lucky enough to 'outgrown' the condition, and one very special lil angel Sophie.


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