Wednesday, 24 March 2010

'special' shoes

We've had them a few weeks now. I thought I might grow to like them, or even get used to them. But, I hate them!!! There's not much to say about them really... They are to try to correct her toe pointing caused by possible tendinitis or else just caused by neurological issues. I think the fact they are blue and have clowns on them doesn't help much. They are not exactly ladylike, and certainly don't go with any of her clothes.
because of Honk's little feet; We were limited in choice; either these or black and red so these were the lesser of 2 evils! Once her feet grow a bit, there are a lot more to choose from including pink ones- though they are not Clarks :0(
Fortunately, she doesn't have to wear these ones out of the house. Her PT was happy for her to continue to wear pretty, cute, soft, girly shoes when she's out and about and wear her 'special' shoes at home.
I plan to talk to her PT next time I see her about getting splints instead. At least that way I can buy her nice shoes. I suppose it's a bit silly of me really, of all the things that aren't straightforward, most things I'm
Pretty accepting of, but not this. Not yet anyway!

So Tricia, I know exactly what you mean about the 'foxes'. Sometimes it is the small things that get ya (see link to Noah's archives)

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  1. Jude toe points from his cp, we are terrible about keeping shoes on him, but we have been told to get some with small arches. Payless carries cute baby shoes with a lil bit of a rise. Do you have payless there?