Monday, 14 September 2009

The results are In

Dr Ch's secretary called this morning. I was completely off guard this time when the phone rang. He's seeing us today at 2. I had so much planned today. Nothing exciting. Just stuff to do round the house. I haven't done anyhing. I'm a bag of nerves. I feel sick and shakey and keep checking the clock. Not long now.

It doesn't help that Max pulled a sicky (I think) today. So I've had to get him looked after, plus arrange for Doll to be collected from school. Chris is coming home from work early. I've done most of these appointments by myself, but need him here for this one.

I had a lovely, perfectly timed lil card come through the door this morning from a very special friend (we both lost lil boys to CDH).
Here is what it said:
Hang in there
I know things are tough
Right now and you may feel alone
But please remember,
Others care and you're not on your own.
Just try not to forget
To take things day by day
And anytime you need me
I'll be with you all the way

Perfect hey! A true friend. I am constantly amazed by the love and support from some truely special friends.


  1. ((((((((((caroline)))))))))) will be thinkin of you all at 2 today xxxx
    Hayley xx

  2. Thinking of you Caroline
    love Debbiexxxxxx

  3. Hugs, many thoughts and prayers! Please let us know

  4. Thinking of you
    love Katy xxx

  5. So sorry to hear that Hope is having to have the lumbar puncture. At least it will be done quickly without dragging out the waiting for it. Poor little mite though :0(
    Thinking of you all today especially Princess Honk Babies do forgive and forget much faster than we can though, so I am sure that she will soon be back to her cheeky and sunny self. Especially as she is always so smothered in love.
    Much love to you all on a difficult day. I'll be looking to see when those results are in. I think about you several times a day every day.
    Hugs from Rachel xxxxxxxx