Monday, 28 September 2009

Check me out! (8 months)

All about me :0)

Today I am 8 months old!
Mummy, Papa, Jordan and Max think I'm the cutest baby in the world!
I have to admit; I do have the lovliest chubby cheeks and cute chunky thighs.
My hair style is a source of amusement, but I'm working on it.
I now weigh 7kg which is a massive achievement for me; for so long I wasn't even on the growth charts. But now I'm storming my way up them, and am now on the 9th centile.
Unfortunately, my head still hasn't made it onto the charts at a teensy 40cm. Shame they don't measure it round my cheeks :0)
I still have my baby blue eyes.
With eyelashes some can only dream of! All curled. No mascara required.

Some might say I am rather spoilt...
You see I'm not one of those babies who's content amusing themselves. If I'm awake, I need holding, cuddling, feeding or entertaining.
Mummy still hasn't left me. Not even with Daddy. We are almost one person.
I am mummy's little helper. We do jobs around the house together- me in my babasling.

I'm still on the mumma milk whenever I ask, but have taken to solids really well, and can now even manage lumps and the odd bit of cake or chocolate.
My favourite foods are; sweet potato, milky bar, roast dinner and yogurts.

My very best thing to do is have a bath. Especially with mummy.
I love it when she holds just my head, so that my body floats, and I kick and splash and wiggle my little body around. I always have a good scream when Daddy gets me out.
I also love hanging out with my big sis and my big big bro. Last night we all laid on my mat and were putting our legs up in the air. I was shouting my head off.
I love having no nappy on!
And thoroughly enjoy a full body massage by mummy including this little piggy.
I enjoy doing 'row row row the boat' and mummy's 'ahhh-rooo' rocking.

My favourite toys are my storytime bear, my plonky puppy wa and anything else that's really loud.

I do really like the sound of my own voice and can make some really loud noises. Right now, I'm having a poo. I'm not very lady like in that department and always grunt whilst doing them :0)

Sometimes, I worry mummy by sleeping too much. But then other days I make up for it by only sleeping for 1-2 hours all night.

I can now roll from my front to my back- that's largely because I hate being on my front.
My head control is coming along. Somedays it's better than other days. I still can't lift it when I'm on my front, but I'm less wobbly when mummy holds me upright now.
On a good day, I can sit in my bumbo seat, or even go in my door bouncer for a few minutes, so long as someone is there to support me incase my head flops back.
My eyes are the same; good days and bad. Sometimes I can barely see a thing, but other days I look right at things and people.
I may not be doing all the same things the average 8 month old are does, but for me, all these things are massive achievements. I AM FAR FROM AVERAGE! I am just soooo special:0)

I have defied the odds by some of my achievements.
Even Though I have so many problems, I still laugh and smile.
I have made my family so happy.
I am so loved by so many.
I have touched the hearts of people I've never even met.
I have made many cry, but also smile.
I have taught so many people, so many lessons.

Thank you for following my life.

Love from
Da baba Honk

Just for the record; my big big brother Max, Still hasn't called me Hope!


  1. Honky Hope, you are so very cool!

    Happy 8-month birthday - you're a little star and you have made me smile lots tonight, telling us all about your favourite things. I'm one of the many you have made cry, lots of times, but tonight I'm happy to say that I've read your update with a big beaming smile, and am proud to 'know' you and your gorgeous family. Keep making those wonderful noisy noises, I know they must melt your mummy's heart. Lots of love to you all, Charlotte, Mohamed, Mira and Danny Doodles xx

  2. what a lovely post, made me smile, what a beautiful wee girl u are, keep it up honky stylee :p
    love to u and mummy
    Hayley xxx

  3. Lovely post, so nice to hear about you Hope and your fav things, especially how happy you have made your family
    love to you all x
    Love Caroline (Cayden's Mummy) xxxx

  4. what a lovely post, love hearing about your acheievements and what a special little girl you are xxxxx


  5. Happy 8 Month Birthday gorgeous girl!
    How wonderful to get to know you even better and know where you're at.
    I am one of the people you have touched the heart of that has not had the privilege of meeting you in person yet. But I hope to rectify that sometime soon :0)
    Lots of love and hugs to you and all your wonderful family.
    Rachel & boys xxxx xxxx

  6. Such a fantastic post, so lovely to get to know your little character even more Hope! You're certainly showing us all how to keep smiling and to make the most of our lives!
    Lots of love to you and your wonderful family,
    xx (ps- we think baths rule too!)

  7. Happy eight month birthday Hope,lovely picture Caroline. such a special little girl who has definately touched the hearts of many
    Lots of love Debbiexxxxxx

  8. Happy 8 month birthday to such a special princess Hope xxxx lots of love to you and your lovely family. Lots of love and kisses Lea and angel Lauren xxxx

  9. Dearest Honk,

    What a special precious girl you are! I love the latest picture.

    Congratulations on your latest accomplishments! They are each special and wonderful.

    Much love from Parker & Amy Hendrix
    (Turtletot & TurtleMom)

  10. Awww that is such a lovely post from Honk, made me smile with tears in my eyes, she is such a happy little girl despite all her difficulties, such an inspiration. Lots of love to you all

    Nat xxxx