Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Still waiting, but I know :0(

I just know it's gonna b the worst one. Everything I've read points to it and explains everything.
I thought we'd have heard by now, but I know already ;0(

My poor Jordan and Max
My poor honkeyplonk

Much can one family take?


Last night hope was just the cutest. At midnight . But instead of hoping she'd fall asleep, I just enjoyed her and took tons of photos
That's all I Can do


  1. Elli (Euan's Mummy)2 September 2009 at 05:22


    Just want you to know that we are all holding you so close right now and sending all the love in the world to you and Hope. I'm sure Sam will be with you looking out for his little sister too.

  2. Sweetie, again a moment has come that I wish I drove so I could get over there and hugs you. Sending you loads of virtual (((((((hugs)))))) and you are in my thoughts and sending all lots of love to you, Hope and all the family. xx

  3. You are all in my thoughts I keep checking back here for news, sending you so much love xxx

  4. I am waiting to hear news too, I am sorry