Thursday, 6 August 2009

Camping madness

It's dark, cold, and very windy. And we are in a tent in a field! Argggghhhh. Camping with a 6 month old. Crazy? Must be!

We've been fairly lucky so far, in that we've only had a couple of showers. We've had a nice day; Jordan and max did zip wiring, max did climbing, we've had a pub dinner, then made animals out of our bodies (h,j,m and me) for the kids caberet competion, played on the park.

Hope is loving the sea air, the loud noises from the pub and being out in her pram.

But now.... J and m have freaked themselves out tellin ghost stories, hope is screaming and not taking her meds, and our neighbours are playing robbie Williams a bit too loud for bedtime. And we've gotta sleep on the floor!!!!! On airbeds of course, but still.

Happy camping :o)
Will catch up with you when we get home (2moro morning maybe? Lol)


  1. I an RV ONLY! lol. I do not do tents. Last time I tried it rained so hard people washed away into the river, so not me. I admire u though. You guys have fun!!!

  2. as a child, i spent many a day with my family camping! pictures in many a photo-book with me running around in a diaper in the wilderness have been spotted by my children.
    however, as much as i remember loving it, my own children never got to experience it with their parents until just recently, due to finances, my oldest is 13 and youngest 6, and i have to say, you're rather brave taking a baby on such an adventure. i feel guilty, now, not trying to do the same for my own.
    i hope this is something all of your children remember fondly.
    we have so much fun...yeah, we do the tents (with air mattresses) and i'm not sure we'd do it any other way.
    sorry for rambling, just thought i'd share...