Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Lazy blogger

Sorry, I'm slacking. I blame the summer holidays. We're soooo busy everyday, then some evenings, plus I am trying to finish my uni course, and am pooped!

Last night hope came along to weight watchers, and our first stitch n bitch group. She was of course the only baby there, but everyone seemed to understand why I am so over protective of her and won't even leave her with her daddy.

The seizures are still here, so I've upped the meds yet again. She's now on 700mg per day. Once again, she's zonked. Chris is currently trying to wake her, but she's not in the mood for playtime :0( hopefully she'll be back to herself more tomorrow.

The honkeyplonk blog hit 2000 visitors today. That's a lot. Especially when I have no idea where these 2000 hits came from. Ok, so I know a few people who follow...but 40+ visitors today already. Would love to know who you all are, so if u r reading, please say hello so I know u have been :0) and thanks for following.

Promise to b a better blogger soon. Must get some pics on too



  1. Hello! Glad to see you back. Lots of Love, Jess, Oscar and Lola XXX (and all the others too)

  2. just me sayin hello :) wow that's great on hits waaaaaaaayyyyyyy more than my wee sunshine gets. lots of love n hugs to you and Hope xxx

  3. Hi Caroline

    Just letting you know I'm a regular reader even though I haven't commented before. Thankyou for sharing Hopes progess with us xx

    Vicki xx

  4. Hi Caroline,
    Just wanted to say hi and that I'm one of your readers that has found your blog today. I'm a fellow Sands Mommy and I saw your blog on Kate's facebook page as I'm keeping an eye on Molly's updates. I had twin girls in February who were born prematurely and sadly didn't make it.
    Anyway just want to say hello to you and your family, Hope looks like such a precious little girl I wish her love and health for her future.
    x x x

  5. As always its Kelly, Shaunas mummy, following dear honks blog x