Saturday, 1 August 2009

Not much to report

We're back home from our jollies.
Hope ate banana today- loved it of course. No idea how I'll ever get her onto 3 meals a day. 2 fit in nicely, but the day doesn't seem long enough for 3 meals yet.
I think the seizures are creeping back up. I haven't been counting because we've been away, but will keep a closer eye, and if need be call her neurologist about upping the dose of vigabatrin.

I have continued reading blue sky July, and now feel greatful that Hope is infact much less disabled than lil joe- though some of her (the mother) thoughts and feelings and experiences are similar to mine.

I noticed today how well Hope's body responds to her massage. Just simple things; the way her toes curl as I rub her soles, the way she seems to now help me....seemingly pushing into the strokes. We were lucky enough to recieve a course of baby massage at home by a nursery nurse. I was keen because I knew the benefits, especially for special needs babies. We did it religiously, daily for the first few months, but now only 3-4 times a week. I must try and get it back into our daily routine!
Her legs are getting so chubby now, I cannot even fit one hand around the top of her thigh, yet she used to be sooooooo skinny! Bones with covering really.

That's all- v quick update. We're all snuggled up on sofa watching harry potter. I think the tapping from my iPhone may be slightly annoying everyone xxx

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