Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Almost a seizure free day

As the title says! I have been touching wood all day hoping that it would last. We got so close. It was 9pm before the seizures struck. There were 15. All pretty mild, but nevertheless seizures. Still, I am a happy mummy. Happy because I can see the meds are working. Happy because I believe we may have seizure free days sometime in the near future- hopefully!

Hope went to her first sports day today. She shared herself out, taking it in turns to watch her big sister and big big brother. Jordan came first in the beanbag on head race, and max came first in the hockey race and second in the running race.

We had a lovely evening tonight. It was Jordan and max's school performance of Bugsy Malone. I'm sure hope enjoyed it too! Though she couldn't see what was going on, it was really loud, great singing, and a great atmosphere which I'm sure she picked up on.

On a less positive note, Jordan and Max bought home a letter from school today. Printed on red paper. There are cases of swine flu! It seems to be everywhere. I am worried. Worried for all of us. But especially the impact this might have on my littlest princess. Part of me would rather we all just got it done and over so I can stop fearing it, and whilst the strain is weaker.

Hope has been sleeping a bit better since the weekend. At Trisha's she slept 6 hours each night, same on Monday, then 4 hours last night. I have felt like a new woman! And tonight I sleep on my brand new memory foam matress. I swear my back is completely done in from sitting up in bed at night feeding the honk hour after hour, so I'm really hoping this new mattress will improve the situation.

Night all xxx

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  1. Sorry she is still experiencing seizures. :(. Hey did you bank her cord blood? I have learned some pretty amazing things over the past few days about stem cells, seizures, and cp.