Saturday, 4 July 2009

Why am I blogging for a baby?

So many reasons...
....Sadly in her 5 months she's been here and the months before she was born, so much has happened. If only it was a case of eat, sleep, poo, sick etc, followed by the usual milestones; smiles, coos, laughs, rolls, sit.... If only things were that straight forward!

... This blog is therapy for me. Sometimes they may just be ramblings. Othertimes, my worries, hope's achievements. A beautiful record of my beautiful baby. A baby record book for the 21st century!

...I am so very proud of my plonky princess and want the whole world to know about her!

...this blog is for Hope's many special aunties who have followed her story on sands and or facebook. Whose support has meant more than they'll ever know.

....this blog is for other mummies who may find themselves walking an unfamiliar, unchosen path. I was and still am privelidged enough to have followed a blog about a baby called jude. Jude is a few months older than Honk, but with similar diagnosis and prognosis. His mom blogged dàily; the highs and lows. Like JUde, hope was blessed with a good start, and at about 3 months began having seizures. If it wasn't for this blog, I may not have even recognised honk's seizures. I feel that although the path Im on is new, I'm slightly better prepared for the journey thanks to jude's mum. Perhaps then I can be the one to show someone else the way! By the way, though I said this wasn't a path I chose, if someone said they'd show me how to go back to the start and chose another path, I wouldn't!

Since posting a link to this site earlier to my friends, i have had a few messages asking if they'd mind if they share H's site with their friends. Some purely because they think we're inspirational/strong/ that this is a blog of hope ...the strength of the human spirit...a mother's love...etc
2 people just tonight have asked me if they can share with friends who are midwives. ABSOLUTELY. Please do. If someone can learn from this site, all the better. Like i said to them; you never know, doctors may even end up reading it - and may learn something from a mother's perspective.

I do also hope that one day, hope will be able to read about her life . If not, mummy will read it to u princess!

So if you are already a Honkey follower, thank you for your continued love and support.
If you are new, thank you for coming. Thank you all for joining us on this very special journey.


  1. Hi There,

    I found your blog through SMNET via Tasha..I just wanted to say from just reading a short snippet of your blog you are inspirational and so so strong.

  2. Awww thanks girl. I am going to copy this and put it on my blog. You made me all teary!!! I am here for you, and so glad I could help you.