Tuesday, 14 July 2009

A plonkey princess party and christening!

What a fabulous weekend! The planning , effort and excitement that went into this day felt more like a wedding than a baptism. We were joined by family and some very special friends!
My dearest auntie trisha offered to host the party at her beautiful home, The Old Rectory in sunny Milton Keynes . The forecast predicted rain so a marque was hired. To my amazement auntie trish also had a fab sign made (above).

The church service was beautiful and very personal - thanks to a very special vicar named Bev.
The hymns we selected by us; be still (we had this at our wedding and sam's funeral), I am here lord (can't remember the exact connection but I liked this. Then bev pointed out it's connection to Samuel, then I liked it even more). And finally peace perfect peace (this was chosen by Jordan-amy, mainly for thev last verse ; HOPE PERFECT HOPE... Is the gift .... Perfect choice I'm sure you all agree. Well done Dolly! )

A candle burned during the service for each of our beautiful children; Jordan Max, Sam and Hope.

My beautiful lil cousin George read the poem 'Welcome to Holland' by emily perl Kingsley. If you hAven't already read this, please follow the link on the side of this pAge. It's such a beautiful, heartwarming and truthful poem about the experience of raising a disabled child.
Hope's godparents and siblings pledged their support and love. She is blessed with 4 god mummies and 1 god daddy all of whom are our closest friends and have 'been there' for us when we needed them, and my auntie trisha, who is also my god mother, and so much more- one fab lovely person that we love very much!

The baptism at the font followed. Of which I don't have any photos, but hopefully I'll get some from lovely friends

Then Jordan, Max and my lovely cousin Harry went to the front of the church where Harry read the poem 'the candle of hope'. Max blew out the candles (with some difficulty lol) at the relevant places, then Jordan relit the candles using the candle of hope. I'll include this poem because it's less likely that you'll have seen it before.
The candle of Hope
Four candles slowly burned
The ambience was so soft one could almost hear them talking
The first candle said "I am Peace"
"The world is so full of anger and fighting that nobody can keep me alight"
Then the candle of peace went out completely.
The the second candle said"I am Faith"
"I am no longer indispensableIt does not make any sense that I stay awake one moment longer."
Then a breeze softly blew out Faith's flame.
Sadly the third candle began to speak"I am Love"
"People don't understand my importance,So they put me aside.
They even forget to love nearest to them.
I don't have the strength to stay alight"
And waiting no longer the candle of Love went out.
A child entered the room where the candles were
And saw that three of the candles were unlit.
"Why are you not burning?" said the child"You are supposed to stay alight until the very end"
And the child was frightened and began to cry.
The the fourth candle said"Don't be afraid. I am hope,And while I am burning we can light the other candles"
With shining eyes the child took the candle of HopeAnd lit the other candles.
The flame of Hope should never go out from your life,And with Hope each of us can have a lifeWith Peace, Faith and Love.

Hope slept throughout- lol! She only awoke to the applause at the end of the service, and then only for a second.

Of course, she looked Gorgeous in her gown bought by nanny.

When we left the church, it was raining. We all headed toward the marque for our lunch of pork, stuffing and apple sauce baps, and beef and horseradish baps. For the children (of which there were many) there were marmite, chocolate spread Nd jam soilders, teddy shaped crisps, jelly, and lots of cakes including ones with sugar paper photos of hope and honks on (photo above).
The cake made by a talented lady calledAndrea, a gift from family friends Ann and Ray, was amazing. Featuring a honk, yet at same time still pretty and girly(photo above). Not to mention moist and scrummy!

The rain never came to anything, and we were blessed with beautiful hot sunshine and a cloud free sky. The children played with the activites, jumped on the trampoline and swam in the pool.
I think it's fair to say; a fabulous day was had by all!

Something amazing happened too: the whole day was seizure free! ( sadly she did have 12 mild ones during the evening -all in one cluster. But even so, this is the best yet since the epilepsy treatment began).
And then for the prezzies :O) Someone said 'oh, it must be like christmas', but of course for us, Christmas isn't the most exciting time :O( But WOW- great gifts! She got the traditional curl, tooth pots, frames, money, clothes, along with her first DIAMOND in an engraved silver bracelet ~(photo above), a beautiful first year clock, a baby DIOR outfit, a personalised jewellery box, and the best toy EVER! (will feature in future posts).
Thank you for indulging me in this long post. It really was such a special day!


  1. Hiya Caroline

    FInally managed to join your blog and I must say it is looking pretty good, you obviously have it down to a fine art now!

    Lovely piccies for a lovely day!

    Speak soon lovely,

    Jess, Oscar and Lola XXX