Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Jordan's memories

Since we're all in isolation because of the swine flu, we've been doing lots of over due tidying and sorting.

I had the kids sort through all of this year's school stuff they bought home on Friday. A lot of it will be for the recyling now, but we've chosen a few bits to put up on the kitchen wall, and l'll keep all their books.

I looked through their books with them.
I came across this in Jordan-amy's R.E book:

Remember our memories

My memory is my baby brother Sam. I remember when my Uncle and my 2 Nannies slept over because my Mum and
Dad were in London at the hospital. Early in the morning on Christmas Day, we went to London to see Sam. When we got there it was bad news; Sam had died. I held him. That was the most I could do.

Isn't that sad? :0(
My poor kids. I wonder how this will effect them long term. Then the effect of having a special needs sister. They seem well adjusted and happy. I hope they always will be.

I said to Jordan I thought what she wrote about Sam was lovely. She said ' you know mum, I always say I have 2 brothers and 1 sister'.
'That's great Doll, you do' I said. But I'm so proud of her for that, cause I know myself that it would often be easier to say I had just 3 kids, without going into having
4 but only 3 with me. But that's my girl! She's such a strong person. I admire her, and just know she's gonna grow into a wonderful adult.

As for the swine flu.... Well, everyone here seems just fine. Max has been a little lethargic again, but as I type, Jordan and max are playing tennis on the wii.

I was contemplating stopping the tamiflu, and thinking that maybe they didn't have it afterall. But after speaking to a few other people, who have said their kids were back to their usual mischievous selves when on tamiflu, I will continue. I was also concerned that the meds may somehow affect their immunity to it if they are taking it if they don't have it, but after speaking to my lovely friend Jess (for over an hour an a half-lol. Hello jess:0). )she said it would actually give them some protection against it.

Hope slept from midnight till half 6 in her own bed again! She woke for a feed at half 6 and half 8, then we woke at 10am! The best sleep I have had in months. Possibly years!

After the big episode the other day I thought maybe she'd outgrown the meds already. But the day after (monday)she was seizure free again, then yesterday she only had 10 over 2 clusters, but what I did notice Is that one of the clusters (6)was really different. They were the kind described as 'salem salutes' where she lurched forward, as opposed to her usual 'myoclonic jerks'.

Today, she's only had 2 teensy/barely noticable myoclonic jerks. Touch wood!

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  1. Tears again from me on reading about jordans memories :(
    Both Jordan and Max have been through so much but remain wonderful caring and sensative kids. They will be just fine with you by their sides to guide them.
    Like ive said before all 4 of your children are very lucky to have you as a mum. :)