Friday, 3 July 2009

What's in a name?

Well, I feel I ought to explain why Hope is mainly called Honk or Honkey plonk. Though it may not seem the nicest of names, it is meant with much love and affection. It began at 12 weeks into the pregnancy. When we told Jordan and Max we were pregnant with Sam (before we knew he was a boy or poorly, they named him 'Squid' after Squidward from Spongebob squarepants. So when we told them we were pregnant again, they felt obliged to name the baby again. A Honk, incase you don't know, is a flanimal 'Hagen Splurg-Klanger- Moley squit that sleeps all day, until for no reason it makes the loudest noise on the planet causing its nose to trumpet upto fifty times its normal size. It then falls to the floor exhausted and falls fast asleep' -as described by Ricky Gervais in his book 'Flanimals'

And so from there evolved other silly names such as Honkey Plonk, Honki tonk, Plonkers etc.
She does of course have a real name, though her big big brother Max has yet to call her by it. He ALWAYS calls her Honk, and has NEVER called her Hope.

Hope- I don't feel I really chose her name, rather that it was chosen..given! We were originally told it looked as though she was a boy (at 13 weeks), yet I was pretty certain she wasn't because I had 2 very clear dreams about a little girl called Hope. So when we were told that the baby was indeed a girl, I was like 'Oh, well, that's Hope then!'. Obviously it is a perfect name; She was our Hope, hope for a brighter happier future, and then when things starting going wrong, we hoped that she'd be ok, that we would get to bring this baby home, that she'd prove the doctors who said she shouldn't be born wrong.

Olivia- that's her middle name. It is a way of naming her after her big angel brother who's middle name is Oliver.

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