Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Solids! :O)

Hope is just 1 week short of being 6 months. I've managed to resist the temptation to start solids till now. It's hard to imagine that Jordan and Max started at 3 months, but that was what was recommended at the time. I suppose in the back of my mind, i've known that solids could present us with another issue. It's fairly common for special needs babies, especially those with similar issues with H, to have issues swallowing.
The original plan was to wait till she was exactly 6 months, but with the holidays coming up, and us planning on getting away next week, it may have been a tricky time to start her. So after a chat with my lovely friend Jess, who also happens to be a health visitor, I felt ready, and excited about weaning. For the past week or so, I'd been letting Honk try a few things from my finger-sweet things. She seemed to enjoy these.

So this evening, I made up one spoonful of baby rice with 10 spoonfuls of milk (as recommended on packet). It seemed to go quite thick, and I briefly considered adding more milk to make it runnier, but then just decided to give it a go. The words duck and water spring to mind! She was fantastic at it; smacking her lips, swallowing, wanting more. I fully expected her to just take a couple of mouthfuls and spit most of it out, but most of it stayed in her mouth and was swallowed effortlessly :O)
She cried when it was all gone, so I made up a bit more for her, which was also devoured!
My clever lil Honkey! Another bridge crossed! (I'll try and put the next bridge to the back of my mind-lumps are another issue all together).
I'm looking forward to getting her on all sorts of yummy things, but am planning on sticking to the rice for a week or so.

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  1. way to go Honkey, this is fantastic, so glad to read she took to the solids really well :)