Monday, 20 July 2009

A big girl bed, and SWINE FLU!

As you can see, Hope's moses basket was getting a bit cramped. She certainly got her moneys worth out of it! So Mummy and Jordan decided it was time to build Hope's new bed today. Then Hope decided that actually she'd rather feed, so clever ol' Jordan (aged 9) built it!
Hope looks lost in, but it's beautful. We have pink giraffe bedding, and now she has room for her special toys too. But the best's a 'closer to you' so it's RIGHT next to my bed!
jORDAN AND MAX NOW HAVE SWINE FLU! Max has been poorly all day. This evening I had a call to say one of his classmates have been diagnosed. Max seemed to go downhill fast, so I called the doctors who went through his symptoms and then confirmed my fears. Just a couple of hours later, Jordan starting showing symptoms.
I have been SOOOOOO scared about this. It's been getting closer and closer for a couple of weeks, and I've been so worried. Worried for all of us, but especially my teensy princess.
Touch wood- she's not running a temperature of showing any signs (yet), but this could explain the unexplained seizures from yesterday. Because of Hope's vulnerability, she's being treated with tamiflu as a preventative. Though, as the nurse advised, it's probably too late for her to get off without catching it, but hopefully if it's caught early it will be less severe. :O(
I have a feeling it's gonna be a rough few days :O(
My poorly babies :O( I just want them all to be ok :O(
Chris is out now picking up the scrips (6 minutes paspt midnight)


  1. ugh! So sorry to hear about the Swine guys have sure had a rough go at things!! Here's hoping the rest of the week gets a bit easier. Hang in there!
    By the way, love the new bedding! Take care.

  2. i hope Jordan n Max get well soon and fingers crossed it leaves Hope alone, loving her new big girls bed well done Jordan, clever big sis xxx
    sending you all my love xx