Monday, 20 July 2009

Evil seizure monster returns with avengence, 999 call, and ambulance trip to the hospital

Definitely spoke to soon! The evil seizure monster was obviously was just resting whilst getting more powerful. Yesterday morning, Hope had the mother of all seizures. Different to the other spasms we've become used to. The day before we'd had our first seizure free, but previously we were down to less than 10, of which were so mild, to the untrained eye they'd be unoticable.
But yesterday morning whilst having a massage, Hope's arms shot out powerfully and Hope screamed. Then again, and again...Usually her 'clusters' would come 10-20, 30 at the very worst back before we began medicating..But these weren't stopping. And Hope was distressed. She usually isn't bothered by them.
After about 15 minutes of non-stop spasms, I called the children's unit. They told me to call for an ambulance. So, Blue lights flashing, sirens blaring, an ambulance picked up my lil princess Plonkey. By the time they'd arrived, the seizure has passed, but they took her in anyway.
She was checked over; they were trying to find a reason for such a severe episode after being almost seizure free; infection, fever etc. Nothing could be determined, so Hope was kept in for the day under observation. In the evening, after not having anymore seizures during her stay, she was discharged. Phew!

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