Monday, 27 July 2009

Sweet potato! :OP

Hope has been doing so well with her dinners of baby rice, so today I gave her baby rice for breakfast and made her some sweet potato for dinner. She ate it right up! To think I was so worried she wouldn't be able to eat easily. I feel so lucky that she's doing so well :O)
She doesn't open her mouth when she sees the spoon coming- largely because she can't really see the spoon! But as soon as she feels the spoon at her mouth she opens up. The top picture is from today. She doesn't even get in too much of a mess.
The second picture is from Saturday. Jordan and Max just love her so much. I know they are just over whelmed with the love they feel for her. She is so lucky to have them. They do know that Hope is extra 'special', but I think they just love her more for that.
Well, I called another ambulance on Saturday night. Actually, I suppose it was Sunday morning. Just before 3am, Hope woke and had a few seizures. The seizures weren't any different to the usual mild ones, but she never has them at this time, but then afterwards, she seemed like she couldn't breath properly. I hesitated, hoping that she'd be ok, then dialled 999 because I just didn't know what else to do (Chris wasn't here- but that's another story).
The lady on the phone stayed talking to me whilst I waited for the ambulance. She could tell Hope was distressed and struggling, so had me lay her on the floor and check her airways, then tilt her head to open her airways. The ambulance seemed to take ages, but during this time, Hope seemed to recover. After what seemed like a long time, but was only about 8 minutes, a 'first response' vehicle arrived (All the ambulances were out picking up drunk people-charming).
He was happy with Hope's stats and state, but said we could take her in if I wanted to. But she seemed ok so I stayed at home with her. Really scary stuff though :O( I had never had to call an ambulance for any of my kids in their lifes (touch wood), and now I've had to call 2 within a week :O( Hopefully that will be it for a very long time.

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  1. so glad to hear Hope is doin well with her eating hun xx
    i cant imagine what its like for you hun n havin to call an ambulance must be very very scary, i dont really know what to say hun i read every update on Hope am just so honoured to share her journey she's a very special and remarkable wee girl, thinkin of you all and sendin love as always xx Hayley xx